County Sligo u9-u11 competition

Congratulations to all our juvenile athletes who participated in County Sligo Track & Field competitions on Friday 12th and Friday 19th May – at ATU Sligo.

Great experience for these young athletes – and some great performances.

Thanks to all officials and parents who helped out on the night and Anne McHugh and the County Sligo Athletics Board for organising.

Full result are available below

U9 Girls 60m
107Zoe McElhinneyTireragh AC12.60
134Innes BeloAbbey Forthill11.69
50Saoirse HigginsAbbey Forthill10.28
135Ava FarrellAbbey Forthill10.3320.611st
136Fiadh Walsh BrettAbbey Forthill10.8922.58
49Abbey Forthill12.04
114Scarlett McGovernCorran AC10.52
116Hannah StewartCorran AC11.5822.10
117Maya MolloyCorran AC12.29
154Luci WardNorth Sligo AC10.58
152Kaylee DonlonNorth Sligo AC10.9521.533rd
159Emma SempleNorth Sligo AC11.38
160Katlyn HoeyNorth Sligo AC11.45
153Chaarlotte HayNorth Sligo AC11.7922.83
155Roisin KeileyNorth Sligo AC11.85
158Millie KildeaNorth Sligo AC11.85
151Stella McCaffreyNorth Sligo AC11.9523.70
157Ellie ZakariaNorth Sligo AC12.0924.14
164Lilyrose HerityNorth Sligo AC12.2
156Ellie B MurphyNorth Sligo AC12.31
162Alanna BruenNorth Sligo AC12.70
54Emily HealySligo AC10.41
79Megan CaseySligo AC10.7921.202nd
83Alaia DurandSligo AC11.17
78Kate O’MahonySligo AC11.3822.55
499Emma DoyleSligo AC11.43
81Erin HealySligo AC11.5823.01
82Nicole McMorrowSligo AC11.94
92RhonaSouth Sligo AC11.00
48Sarah DurkinSouth Sligo AC11.3722.37
Girls U9 300m
114Scarlett McGovernCorran AC1.20.21
117Maya MolloyCorran AC1.
135Ava FarrellAbbey Forthill1.13.22
136Fiadh Walsh BrettAbbey Forthill1.
153Charlotte HayNorth Sligo AC1.11.47
155Roisin KeileyNorth Sligo AC1.
158Millie KildeaNorth Sligo AC1.25.35
164Lilyrose HerityNorth Sligo AC1.15.482.40.83
54Emily HealySligo AC1.01.26
78Kate O’MahonySligo AC1.04.772.06.031st
83Alaia DurandSligo AC1.07.5
79Megan CaseySligo AC1.
499Emma DoyleSligo AC1.15.73
82Nicole McMorrowSligo AC1.20.762.36.49
81Erin HealySligo AC1.26.91
Girls U9 Long Jump
107Zoe McElhinneyTireragh AC1.74
116Hannah StewartCorran AC1.76
151Stella McCaffreyNorth Sligo AC2.24
159Emma SempleNorth Sligo AC1.964.202nd
50Saoirse HigginsAbbey Forthill3.02
134Innes BeloAbbey Forthill2.395.411st
48Sarah DurkinSouth Sligo AC2.30QualifiesInd
Girls U9 Turbo Javelin
160Katlyn HoeyNorth Sligo AC3.98
157Ellie ZakariaNorth Sligo AC4.348.323rd
162Alanna BruenNorth Sligo AC5.35
154Luci WardNorth Sligo AC6.1511.502nd
156Ellie B MurphyNorth Sligo AC6.34
152Kaylee DolanNorth Sligo AC6.6613.001st
Boys U9 60m
102Sean O’NeillWest Sligo AC11.20
106Cillian GordonTireragh AC9.60QualifiesInd
126Karl GalvinCorran AC10.40
127Liam O’DonnellCorran AC10.2420.642nd
128Calum FallonCorran AC11.93
137RhysAbbey Forthill13.10
138Noah ScanlonAbbey Forthill11.75
139Lochlan McCaffreyAbbey Forthill10.7122.46
166Donnacha GallagherNorth Sligo AC11.0022.20
167Oisin Hannon GilsenanNorth Sligo AC12.50
168Robbie McMorrowNorth Sligo AC10.60
161Eli DuffyNorth Sligo AC10.6521.253rd
169Kyle CunninghamNorth Sligo AC11.20
170Donnacha DolanNorth Sligo AC11.60
89James FlanaganSligo AC11.25
88Fionn DeacySligo AC10.7522.00
87Joshua BrennanSligo AC10.35
84Andrew HallSligo AC10.2520.601st
86Ryan MonaghanSligo AC11.68
85Ronan McNasserSligo AC11.74
55Roger TrillSligo AC11.58
Boys U9 300m
102Sean O’NeillWest Sligo AC1.08.55
127Liam O’DonnellCorran AC1.00.34
128Calum FallonCorran AC1.20.912.21.25
168Robbie McMorrowNorth Sligo AC1.05.95
169Kyle CunninghamNorth Sligo AC0.56.962.02.912nd
170Donnacha DolanNorth Sligo AC1.03.26
161Eli DuffyNorth Sligo AC1.01.612.04.873rd
84Andrew HallSligo AC0.58.66
88Fionn DeacySligo AC1.
85Ronan McNasserSligo AC1.08.90
87Joshua BrennanSligo AC1.09.312.18.21
Boys U9 Long Jump
103Mattew KilcullenWest Sligo AC2.36QualifiesInd
106Cillian GordonTireragh AC3.15QualifiesInd
137RhysAbbey Forthill1.88
138Noah ScanlonAbbey Forthill1.88
139Lochlan McCaffreyAbbey Forthill2.093.972nd
166Donnacha GallagherNorth Sligo AC2.17
167Oisin Hannon GilsenanNorth Sligo AC1.443.613rd
89James FlanaganSligo AC2.37
86Ryan MonaghanSligo AC1.894.261st
Boys U9 Turbo Javelin
103Mattew KilcullenWest Sligo AC7.57QualifiesInd
55Roger TrillSligo AC7.45QualifiesInd
Girls U10 60m
105Anna KilcullenWest Sligo AC9.91QualifiesInd
118Aoife McGowanCorran AC10.99
119Lisa KellyCorran AC9.9520.943rd
140Aoife QuigleyAbbey Forthill10.06
141Sophie EganAbbey Forthill10.9721.03
171Ceola ScanlonNorth Sligo AC10.68
172Croia O’DowdNorth Sligo AC10.1720.852nd
173Emma McNultyNorth Sligo AC12.83
174Sarah KellyNorth Sligo AC12.90
177Saoirse KavanaghNorth Sligo AC11.87
178Olivia DuffyNorth Sligo AC10.7422.61
91KaceySouth Sligo AC11.20
77Lucy WirtzSligo AC9.6520.091st
76Laura McCabeSligo AC10.44
75Ella ReidSligo AC10.50
52Marie DunneSligo AC10.9521.45
280Edith McCarthySligo AC12.06
53Nell O’NeillSligo AC11.57
Girls U10 500m
118Aoife McGowanCorran AC2.01.58
119Lisa KellyCorran AC1.
178Olivia DuffyNorth Sligo AC1.59.81
179Rosa MastersonNorth Sligo AC2.05.884.05.693rd
180Matilda FinnNorth Sligo AC2.16.09
77Lucy WirtzSligo AC1.51.02
75Ella ReidSligo AC2.
Girls U10 Long Jump
105Anna KilcullenWest Sligo AC2.10
140Aoife QuigleyAbbey Forthill2.77
141Sophie EganAbbey Forthill2.405.172nd
173Emma McNultyNorth Sligo AC1.92
174Sarah KellyNorth Sligo AC1.99
171Ceola ScanlonNorth Sligo AC2.003.99
176Cassie McNultyNorth Sligo AC2.04
172Croia O’DowdNorth Sligo AC2.204.24
180Matilda FinnNorth Sligo AC2.44
179Rosa MastersonNorth Sligo AC2.645.083rd
91KaceySouth Sligo AC2.23
76Laura McCabeSligo AC3.04
53Nell O’NeillSligo AC2.525.561st
52Marlie DunneSligo AC2.45
Girls U10 Turbo Javelin
176Cassie McDaid AlleyNorth Sligo AC5.10
177Saoirse KavanaaghNorth Sligo AC6.0011.101st
Boys U10 60m
104Charlie RolstonWest Sligo AC10.13
108James WallTireragh AC11.07
129Darragh ConlonCorran AC10.87
130Lachlan HannonCorran AC9.8820.453rd
131Kieran HowardCorran AC10.57
142Callum McCrannAbbey Forthill11.09
143Cian McGowanAbbey Forthill10.2921.38
144Daniel McGlynnAbbey Forthill11.33
182Patrick TraversNorth Sligo AC10.57
74Leo BrennanSligo AC9.83
72Austie CullinanSligo AC10.0119.841st
73Jack JohnstonSligo AC10.24
70Dara KeatingSligo AC10.1120.352nd
47Aidan O’BoyleSouth Sligo AC10.94
Boys U10 500m
104Charlie RolstonWest Sligo AC1.54.17
109Dara CoulterTireragh AC2.05.64
129Darragh ConlonCorran AC2.04.69
130Lachlan HannonCorran AC1.46.69
131Kieran HowardCorran AC2.
183Fionn O’DowdNorth Sligo AC1.59.52
184Rian McMorrowNorth Sligo AC1.51.573.51.093rd
74Leo BrennanSligo AC1.44.89
47Aidan O’BoyleSligo AC2.03.963.48.852nd
Boys U10 Long Jump
108James WallTireragh AC2.19
109Dara CoulterTireragh AC2.845.033rd
142Callum McCrannAbbey Forthill2.65
143Cian McGowanAbbey Forthill2.805.451st
73Jack JohnsonSligo AC2.67
72Austie CullinanSligo AC2.435.102nd
Boys U10 Turbo Javelin
183Fionn O’DowdNorth Sligo AC10.99
184Rian McMorrowNorth Sligo AC14.2425.23
182Patrick TraversNorth Sligo AC10.85QualifiesInd
70Dara KeatingSligo AC5.98
Girls U11 60m
120Grace BolandCorran AC10.26
122Caoimhe Ivers BrehonyCorran AC10.9821.24
121Holly FlanneryCorran AC9.86
124Aoife GarryCorran AC9.4319.293rd
145Ruby McGlynnAbbey Forthill9.86
146Saoirse McCaffreyAbbey Forthill9.86
147Leah McManusAbbey Forthill9.5919.45
185Emma BruenNorth Sligo AC10.87
198Annie McGuireNorth Sligo AC9.6220.49
195Grace KellyNorth Sligo AC10.64
192Isabella PerichNorth Sligo AC10.7121.51
196Meabh KeileyNorth Sligo AC11.30
187Marria ChemiavskaNorth Sligo AC11.5922.89
186Saoirse GilmartinNorth Sligo AC9.61
194Choe McNamaraNorth Sligo AC8.8018.412nd
59Sienne O’SullivanSligo AC10.11
61Arwen HunterSligo AC9.8819.99
60Grace FoleySligo AC8.6917.571st
62Aoife CullinanSligo AC9.04
58Ruth CaseySligo AC11.43
Girls U11 600m
123Clodaghh GalvinCorran AC2.22.23
124Aoife GarryCorran AC2.
147Leah McManusAbbey Forthill2.07.80
194Chloe McNamaraNorth Sligo AC2.11.91
190Avril DolanNorth Sligo AC2.23.544.35.453rd
193Chloe ConlonNorth Sligo AC2.28.84
199Freya MullenNorth Sligo AC2.31.805.00.64
60Grace FoleySligo AC1.54.61
62Aoife CullinanSligo AC1.59.913.54.521st
61Arwen HunterSligo AC2.03.09
59Sienne O’SullivanSligo AC2.
63Saibh PruntySligo AC2.14.33
56Violet McHaleSligo AC2.22.794.37.12
Girls U11 Long Jump
112Tara McElhinneyTireragh AC2.66
113Calleigh WoodsTireragh AC2.955.613rd
120Grace BolandCorran AC1.60
122Caoimhe Ivers BrehonyCorran AC2.10
123Clodaghh GalvinCorran AC2.18
121Holly FlanneryCorran AC2.584.76
145Ruby McGlynnAbbey Forthill2.79
146Saoirse McCaffreyAbbey Forthill2.795.58
196Meabh KeileyNorth Sligo AC2.07
192Isabella PerichNorth Sligo AC2.22
189Orla CannonNorth Sligo AC2.334.55
190Avril DolanNorth Sligo AC2.46
186Saoirse GilmartinNorth Sligo AC2.685.14
188Hannah WatersNorth Sligo AC2.79
198Annie McGuireNorth Sligo AC3.195.981st
90LaoiseKirraneSouth Sligo AC2.66
56Violet McHaleSligo AC1.75
58Ruth CaseySligo AC1.80
57Anna O’MahonySligo AC2.43
63Saidbh PruntySligo AC2.85
300Sally Rene McEnroeSligo AC2.855.702nd
Girls U11 Turbo Javelin
114Tara McElhinneyTireragh AC8.77
113Calleigh WoodsTireragh AC11.6920.462nd
185Emma BruenNorth Sligo AC10.05
188Hannah WatersNorth Sligo AC14.3024.351st
189Orla CannonNorth Sligo AC9.93
199Freya MullenNorth Sligo AC7.4717.403rd
193Chloe ConlonNorth Sligo AC5.00
197Tina MurphyNorth Sligo AC4.18
90Laoise KirraneSouth Sligo AC8.40
Boys U11 60m
110Ryan CoulterTireragh AC10.67
111Reece KilgallenTireragh AC10.5121.18
132Donal McDaidCorran AC9.97
133Shane KellyCorran AC10.1520.12
148Senan McSharryAbbey Forthill10.55
149Ronan MoranAbbey Forthill9.6120.16
99Charlie DiamondNorth Sligo AC10.7
98Vincent SecondinoNorth Sligo AC10.3
97Dylan HenryNorth Sligo AC10.420.70
96Aaron ZakariaNorth Sligo AC10.85
100Daire McCannNorth Sligo AC9.67
94Daniel BrennanNorth Sligo AC9.3118.982nd
69Timmy BrennanSligo AC9.67
66Oisin McNasserSligo AC9.8419.513rd
65Oliver FoleySligo AC9.28
67Moss DeacySligo AC9.4718.751st
64Ronan O’ConnorSligo AC10.27
Boys U11 600m
148Senan McSharryAbbey Forthill2.26.33
149Ronan MoranAbbey Forthill2.23.824.50.15
100Daire McCannNorth Sligo AC2.18.74
94Daniel BrennanNorth Sligo AC2.
97Dylan HenryNorth Sligo AC2.47.97
95Luke BrennanNorth Sligo AC2.48.52
67Moss DeacySligo AC1.56.21
65Oliver FoleySligo AC2.
69Timmy BrennanSligo AC2.03.08
64Ronan O’ConnorSligo AC2.20.994.24.072nd
Boys U11 Long Jump
110Ryan CoulterTireragh AC2.56
111Reece KilgallenTireragh AC2.485.041st
99Charlie DiamondNorth Sligo AC2.71QualifiesInd
66Oisin McNasserSligo AC3.01Qualifiesind
Boys U11 Turbo Javelin
132Donal McDaidCorran AC6.74
133Shane KellyCorran AC8.8115.552nd
98Vincent SecondinoNorth Sligo AC16.60
96Aaron ZakariaNorth Sligo AC11.3827.981st
95Luke BrennanNorth Sligo AC3.40
ClubGenderAge Group
North Sligo ACbU9
Sligo ACbu9
Corran ACbu9
Abbey Forthill ACgu9
North Sligo ACgu9
Corran ACgu9
Sligo ACbu10
Corran ACbu10
South Sligo ACbu10
Abbey Forthill ACgu10
Corran ACgu10
North Sligo ACgu10
Sligo ACbU11
Corran ACbu11
North Sligo ACbu11
Sligo ACgu11
Corran ACgu11
North Sligo ACgu11