Senior & Masters Membership

Seniors and Masters Membership costs €50 per year for a single adult (23 years and older)

Please read the following conditions before completing the form below.

Photographs and film

I understand that photographs or film may be taken during or at sport-related events and may be used in the reporting or promotion of the sport. If you do not wish to be photographed or filmed, please advise a club official.

Drug Testing

Membership of Athletics Ireland means that all athletes may be chosen for testing. Your membership of Athletics Ireland commits you to agree to testing. All club personnel have a responsibility to ensure that club members are aware of the Irish Anti-Doping Rules and that there is an atmosphere supporting a drug-free sport within the club. A complete copy of the Irish Anti-Doping Rules is available through the Athletics Ireland website.

Once you become a member of Athletics Ireland and enter a competition, you accept that you could be drug tested.


    Pay Senior membership fees of €50